CV Volker Schnüttgen

Born in Attendorn, Germany, in 1961. In 1989, he majored on Fine Arts at the University of Arts Bremen, where he set his first studio. In 1989/90 he represented his country on "Germinations V - European Biennale for Young Artists" Lyon (F), Bona (G), Breda (NL). In 1991/92, he realized his first art project in Sintra. In 1992/93 he received a scholarship from the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 1993 he set a second studio in Sintra / Portugal. In 2000 he coursed Virtual Modelling at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon. In 2004, as a scholar of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, he graduated as Screen-Designer at - Akademie für Neue Medien, Berlin. In 2006, he participated on the workshop "Watchout" at Centro Ciência Viva, in Aveiro, under the direction of Rui Horta. In 2008, he finished the Master degree in Multimedia Art, at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, with the thesis "HABITAT - The body and the space on contemporary dance and sculpture - an approach". From 2010 to 2016 Professorship for Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Oporto.


1986 - Prize of the public contest for a "Monument for the former Concentration Camp of Obernheide", Stuhr, Germany

1989 - Distinction of the public contest "Arster Steinsetzer", Bremen, Germany

1997 - Award of the "5th Open Air Sculpture Exhibition", Amadora, Portugal

1998 – 1st prize of the contest "Versammlungsplatz Hilbeck", Werl, Germany

1999 - Award for Career, attributed by the District of Olpe, Germany

2005 – 1st prize of the contest "Fontanário", SMAS, Sintra, Portugal

2015 - International Award for Sculpture - KKV Bohuslan, Sweden


Artist in Residence

2006 - Artist in residence at Maus Hábitos, Oporto, Portugal 

2007/8 - Creative residence in O Espaço do Tempo, Montemor-o-Novo, creation and first presentation of the trans-disciplinary project HABITAT (in cooperation with the dance collective LaborGras) in the BlackBox, Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal

2007/8/9 - Participated in the Project MausHabitos-Pinoteca, ARCO – Madrid, Spain

2009 - Invitation by the Goethe-Centre Mozambique to take part to the Workshop “Reencontro II”, which took place in the National Museum of Art, Maputo, Mozambique

2010/11 HABITAT (final version), an interactive, temporary performance installation in co-production with the dance collective LaborGras, suported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Radialsystem V, Berlin, Germany

2011 - Curator of the workshop "Reencontro  III" in Attendorn / Germany with the participation of artists from Mozambique and Germany

2012 - "Um passo com unha", cross-cultural project with Idasse Tembe and Victor Gama, Camões Institute Maputo, Mozambique

2014 ¾ de Arte, ¼ de Historia, Artist in Residence at Maus Habitos – Cultural Association Saco Azul , Oporto, Portugal

2015 – Artist in residence at KKV Bohuslan, Bohuslans Stenstipendium, Sweden

2016 – Artist in residence at Icehotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden


Participated in Symposiums of Sculpture in Germany, Iran, Portugal and Spain.


Individual Exhibitions

1992 - Galeria Monumental (in cooperation with German Institute), Lisbon, Portugal

1993 - Kunstverein Südsauerland, Attendorn, Germany

          - Galerie Cornelius Hertz, Bremen, Germany

1995 - Kunstverein, Ganderkesee, Germany

1997 - Museum Bad Berleburg, Germany

          - Archaeological Museum, Silves , Portugal

2000 - Verein zur Förderung von Kunst und Kultur e.V, Attendorn, Germany

          - "A Ferro e Fogo", Church of Santiago, Palmela, Portugal

2001 - Galerie Mani, Berlin, Germany

          - Museu de Electricidade, Lisbon, Portugal

2002 - Landeskirchenamt Westfalen, Bielefeld, Germany

          - Galerie Claudia Böer, Hannover, Germany

2005 - Galeria Arthobler, Oporto, Portugal

2006 - IHK Galerie, Siegen, Germany

          - Cultural Centre of Macedo de Cavaleiros, Portugal

          - "Mo-nu-mentos", Museu de Pedra, Cantanhede, Portugal

2007 - "Mo-nu-mentos", Cultural Centre of Alcains/Castelo Branco, Portugal          

          - "Metamorphosis", Cooperativa Árvore, Oporto, Portugal

2008 - "HABITAT", Galeria Arthobler, Oporto, Portugal

2009 - "O Avolumar do Habitat", Horta, Seixal, Serpa, Beja, Évora, Aljustrel, Portugal

2011 - "Four places of silence", Palace of Brejoeira, Monção, Portugal

2011/12 - "A comunidade inconfessável", with the Brazilian painter Ronaldo Grossman, Adega Mãe, Torres Vedras, Portugal

2013 - "Über alle Grenzen", Museum Wendener Hütte, Wenden, Germany

2017 - "MO-NU-MENTOS", MU.SA – Museum of Arts, Sintra, Portugal


Participated on collective exhibitions in France, Germany, Netherlands, Mozambique, Norway, Portugal and Spain


Public Works

1991 - "Der Steinsetzer", University of Bremen, Germany

          - "Kruzifix", Church of Peace, Attendorn, Germany

1991 - "Übereinandergeschlagene Steine", Knoopspark, Bremen, Germany

1995 - "Aproximação", Cascais, Portugal

          - "Cascata", Algés, Portugal

1996 - "Caldeirão", Amadora, Portugal

1997 - "Fortaleza", Amadora, Portugal

1998 - "Contraforte", Werl-Hilbeck, Germany

          - "Pórtico I", Cascais, Portugal

          - "Pórtico do Sol", Casa do Alto, Maia, Portugal

          - "Torre", Aveiro, Portugal

1999 - "Pórtico II", Cascais, Portugal

2001 - "Eckstein", Landeskirchenamt Westfalen, Bielefeld, Germany

          - "Eckstein II", Igreja do Salvador, Attendorn, Germany

2003 - "Nascente", Alfândega da Fé, Portugal

          - "Escada Monólitica", Lagos, Portugal

2004 - "Mamarrosa", Oliveira de Bairro, Portugal

          - "Pórtico", Monte Mozinho, Penafiel, Portugal

          - "Transporte em Rede", Câmara de Lobos, Portugal

2005 - "Die unendliche Leichtigkeit des Steins", Vale de Lobo, Portugal

2006 - "Nascente", SMAS, Sintra, Portugal

          - "Throne of power", Municipal Assembly, Olpe, Germany

          - "Pórtico do Sol II", Malagueira, Évora (P);

          - "Watchtower", Paço de Mariñan, La Coruña, Spain

2007 - "Lighthouse", Páteo de S. Miguel, Évora, Portugal

2009 - "Padrão do Mar", Jardim do Infante D. Henrique, Horta, Portugal

          - "O Testamento segundo do São Paulo", Church of Torrados, Felgueiras, Portugal

          - "Puzzle”, Valadares, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

          - "Sternengucker", Maia, Portugal

2010 - "Step through", Campo da Universidade, Aveiro, Portugal

2012 - "Casa de Eucalipto", Aveiro, Portugal

          - "Bufo Real", Parque Natural Peneda Geres, Portugal

2013 - "Watch out", Lennestadt, Germany

2014 - "Portico of the Sky", Mellat Park, Tehran, Iran