Um passo com unha

Um passo com unha

Co-production with Idasse Tembe and Victor Gama

installation audio-visual

2012 Centro Cultural Português - Instituto Camões, Maputo, Mozambique

"Passo com Unha" is an intercultural art project, with the goal of fusing sculpture, painting and sound in a common work. The basis is joint reflection, the exchange of individual experiences, and a critical examination of one's own cultural background during the creative process. The concept was developed during the joint participation of Ídasse Tembe and Volker Schnüttgen at the "Reencontro II" workshop in Maputo (2009). The idea was to ​​intensify the exchange of experiences between artists of different genres and professional experience through a project together. They invited Victor Gama, a Portuguese-Angolan musician, composer and instrument builder, to participate as a complementary member.

Despite the difference in cultural origins and artistic individuality of the three authors, affinities were found - both personal and artistic - and a productive dialogue developed. The germination of a work in co-production experienced as an organic whole without losing the individual artistic authenticity.

This project aims to introduce related arts (painting and sculpture) or distant (sculpture and painting with music) in a process of artistic creation. Cultural differences and particularity are not seen as an obstacle, but on the contrary as enrichment, which releases creative synergies: Cultural diversity is humus for artistic and social innovation.

Concept: Ídasse Tembe, Volker Schnüttgen

Color: Ídasse Tembe

Sound: Victor Gama

Form: Volker Schnüttgen