A place of silence

A place of silence V

2015, swedish granite, 205 x 150 x 130 cm

KKV Bohuslan, Sweden

I perceive my stone settings as marker stones, which set signs, mark places, creating symbolic spaces which can be discovered. The sculptures can be entered, whether real or just thoughtful/virtual. They offer insights into the intimate interior of the block as well as views into the surrounding landscape, merging interior with exterior as a part of a whole. The empty space gains the same importance as the crystalline density of the stone. I am looking for plastic solutions for sculptural basic rules by means of simple, lapidary forms, in the original sense: the organisation of space through the alternation of emptiness and density in the play of light. For me, sculpture is always a physical counterpart, both during the creation and in its completed form: in this way, material, form and proportion are determined by the human scale in relation to the characteristics and conditions of the site.

Project was realized during the Artist Residence – Award for Stone Sculpture, KKV Bohuslan, Sweden