born again

Born again

2017, 280 x 280  cm, cedar tree / concrete

Seminário Maior de Nossa Senhora da Conceição do Porto, Portugal

Quoting his master Bernard of Clairvaux, Thomas Merton said in his diaries that: I have learned more in the woods where I have walked and worked than in all the libraries I have frequented and consulted.

The work of Volker Schnüttgen, who now presents himself and who welcomes daily the students of the Seminario Maior do Porto and of those who visit it, is a lesson in how nature can teach us the value of work, of silence, of the given word, of Knowledge, of charity and, above all, of permanent creation or trans(form)ation, if we want to associate the work of the artist with the created work. The artist is a builder from what is given to him.

Padre José Alfredo Ferreira da Costa, Rector of the Seminario Maior do Porto